Atlanta Repssession Services

Atlanta Repossession Services

Georgia Repossession Service

Atlanta Repo is a last chance repossession company dedicated to serving the lending community. Once you decide to repossess your collateral you want a repossession company that will act quickly to repossess your collateral. Atlanta repo will act quickly to repossess your collateral anywhere in Atlanta Georgia and the surrounding area. We are a contingent repossession company. We do not send out close out bills.

Georgia Repossession Services

Atlanta Repo repossession services include:

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Repossession Services
Repossession Locksmith Services
Photo Condition Reports
Secure Repossession Storage Lots
Repossession Auction Services
Contingent Repossession Pricing

Georgia Private Party Repossessions

Atlanta Repo also handles private party repossessions. A private party repossession is any repossession not involving a lender and a debtor. If you lent your vehicle to a friend and they will not return the car, you can hire Atlanta Repo to repossess the car for you. Other private party repossessions would include vehicles involved in a divorce dispute. Private party repossessions are also called third party repossessions.

Contingent Repossession Service Pricing

Atlanta Repo is a contingent repossession service. Our guarantee to you is that if we do not get your car, we will not send you a bill. If we recover your collateral for you we will charge you a base fee of $350 for two wheel drive vehicles, and $400 for four wheel drive vehicles. We charge for keys, please call our repossession office with the exact year make and model of the vehicle for an exact key quote. Our contingent repossession fee ranges between ten percent to twenty five percent of the vehicle value. We are successful where other repossessors have failed.

Before you charge off your collateral, and let the debtor get away with the car, please consider using Atlanta Repo as your last chance repossession service throughout Georgia.

Order a Repossession in Georgia

Atlanta Repo needs the following documents to perform your repossession.

A. Copy of your vehicle title.

B. Signed Hold Harmless form.

Please fax your title and hold harmless to Atlanta Repo at:Atlanta Repossession Services

Please send any additional documents that you think may assist us in repossessing your collateral. Such documents may include: copy of credit application, collection notes, correspondence from your debtor, or any other information you think may assist us in repossessing your collateral.

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Atlanta Repossession Services
Atlanta Repossession Services